Inbound Marketing: Meaning, Benefits, Examples and Strategies

by | April 3, 2019
Inbound Marketing: Meaning, Benefits, Examples and Strategies
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It would be very difficult to quantify how much that inbound marketing has revolutionized the industry of online marketing. But we know that he is responsible for to completely change the way that businesses attract customers on the internet.

Driven by the emergence and popularity of social media, which in turn gave rise to a more consumer-empowered and informed.

The shift from the outbound to the inbound marketing means that companies and brands need to prioritize the content of high value and good communication with the consumer to the tactics of “renting attention”.

Now, the game is changing once more. The brands are becoming very good at creating quality content, and consumers are inundated with content.

Provide valuable content on the internet is no longer a differentiator, it is a must to achieve success.

To stand out today, brands need a little something more. They need to focus selectively, positioning itself strategically as benchmarks of the market.

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Meaning of Inbound Marketing? – Definition and Translation

The inbound marketing, the translation is “inbound marketing” is a strategy that utilizes many forms of direct marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media, and more – to create brand recognition (brand awareness) and to attract new customers to your company.

In contrast with outbound marketing, in which marketers go after new customers, inbound marketing arouses the attention of the customers through content and makes the company more easy to be found by future customers.

Inbound marketing means a method to attract, engage and enchant people to develop a business that add value and deliver confidence to the client.

As technology changes, the inbound marketing guide an approach to doing business in a humane manner and helpful.

Inbound is a better way to market, sell and serve their customers. Mainly because when it is good for the client is also good for the company

Using Inbound Marketing, your company can grow much better and more consistently in the long term.

The methodology of inbound is composed of three steps: attract, engage and delight the customer.

Companies that use inbound marketing use the methodology to create trust, credibility and “the moment” with customers. It’s about adding value at all stages of the buying journey of your customer.

What Are Inbound Leads?

The Inbound Leads are the leads, or prospéctos, that your business achieves by using strategies of inbound marketing.

Check out this example:

Imagine that you wrote a blog post… After a time some internet user finds your article on Google.

This same user liked it so much your content that you signed up for your email list!

That user, when signed up for your email list, you just turn into an inbound lead. Since you have used content to attract this lead.

Because Inbound Marketing is Important?

We live in a world of abundance of information and scarcity of attention – and the rate of creation of information is accelerating more and more.

According to IBM, currently the human being creates a 2.5 quintinlhões of bytes of data every day – Is so much information that 90% of the data in the world today has been created IN JUST the LAST TWO YEARS!

Buyers today are more empowered. The internet provides information instantly.

Users can access specific details, prices and evaluations about products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with just a few searches on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, social media encourages them to share and compare the products each time more.

One of the factors which have changed the way of doing marketing are the mobile devices. They add an extra dimension to the acquisition of information on the internet by the buyers.

The Inbound Marketing is so powerful because you have the power to give the consumer exactly the answers that he seeks at the exact time that he needs. This creates trust, reputation and authority in any niche that you are practicing your marketing.

Because of this, tactics of traditional marketing are based on renting the attention that others have built – and interrupting the buyer in the process – are becoming less and less effective.

Although it varies a lot depending on the complexity of the product and the maturity of the market, buyers today usually are between 65% to 90% within the journey of the consumer before they come in contact with any sales representative of a company.

Buyers today do a lot of research and get a lot of information before you go in the stores to chat with the sellers. Why Inbound Marketing is extremely importânte for any business!

How To Use Inbound Marketing?

To replace marketing tactics outdated “rental care”, the companies are deploying new methods geared towards raising awareness, developing relationships and generating leads.

In short, inbound marketing, or inbound marketing attracts customers to you, so you don’t have to go chasing after customers.

The inbound marketing helps potential customers find your company in the initial stages of your decision-making process, which leads to a stronger influence on their future buying decisions.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The marketing of inbound offers numerous benefits. When used effectively, it can:

  • Form a good image of your brand and influence future purchases.
  • Earn shares on social media and generate backlinks to the domain of your company (Very good for SEO)
  • Assist in the efforts of search engine optimization
  • Increase brand awareness (visibility of your brand name)
  • Allow customers to engage with your brand when they need it, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Generate qualified leads for less money when compared with traditional marketing
  • Help earn extra income on the internet

Unlike the initiatives of traditional marketing, the efforts of inbound develop over time. For example, a content quality offers immediate benefits and long-term.

Inbound Marketing Meaning, Benefits, Examples and Strategies 1

Your content draws attention to your company when it is released and will continue to provide resources to its clients 24 hours per day in how much your site is in the air

To the extent that the content gains more exposure, it can become a continuous source of inbound traffic via search engine optimization (SEO) and shares social. Your content will gradually rankeando better in the search engines and with this, the traffic to your site increases a lot!

The key is to create a strategy of strategic content tailored to their persona and stage of the buying cycle they’re in.

To do this, you are providing valuable content geared directly to that visitor.

This helps to decrease the buying cycle, answer the objections and to build the trust of future customers. All of these factors result in a sales time more short, leads to more qualified and a sales process more easy and simplified for your sales team.

The strategies of Inbound Marketing – How to Create Successful Campaigns

There is not a tactic only of inbound marketing that work well on their own.

The inbounb marketing NOT can be segmented into separate categories, and independent.

Although you will depend on SEO to attract visitors from organic search, that SEO will not work if there is not quality content.

Without social media, the blogs have the difficulty of reaching new people interested. And to finalize: SEO, content and social media are completely useless without a process of lead generation.

The campaigns of inbound marketing the most successful incorporate all or most of the following elements:

SEO for Inbound Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the parts of the marketing of inbound that makes it so effective.

Using the key words (keywords) to certain, a site design well-structured, and other “good practices” of SEO, you will certainly be moving in the right direction to put your page at the top of the organic search results and will ensure that your content is seen by the target audience, and consequently, get lots of inbound leads quality.

Blogs for Inbound Marketing

By far, the most common form of inbound marketing, blogging can play a powerful role in the generation of traffic and the promotion of leads.

Want to put a strategy of inbound marketing on your site? Start a blog!

Social media for Inbound Leads

With 67% of adults online using social media to share information, you cannot neglect online communities, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Discover here ways to increase followers on Instagram. And find out here how to get more followers on twitter.

Live events and Webnários for Inbound Marketing

Take your inbound marketing to the next level with webinars, use the lives online, and live events.


The ebooks are a way as well simple for you to use as ísca digital and acquire many leads from inbound.

To create an ebook that will get many leads for your business, you need to put a lot of effort and creativity to create a content VERY valuable to the visitors of your website.

To create the content more valuable as possible, study hard your persona and find out exactly what she wants!

And Many Other Modes

Any chance of sharing valuable content is an opportunity to practice inbound marketing.

How to use Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to inbound marketing, the more you invest, the greater will be your return. Create a content “matador” is more about dedication and commitment than about money and investment in itself.

That is, for a start you don’t need money. Need to create quality content for your “persona”.

Here is how to get started:

  • Identify your target audience and learn all you can about them. You will not conesguir to write content to inform their customers
  • until you know what they are looking for.
  • Create your story unique and engaging. Why your audience should listen to you?
  • Choose your platforms of delivery. You will create a blog? Use Twitter? The Facebook? The Instagram? Pinterest? All of these together?
  • Create and follow a calendar of content. (Create your goals of content and stick to them)

It is important to create a schedule that provides consistently new content and relevant to continue engaging your audience. Remember that your theme should be focused on the problems of the client, not in your business.

Remember rule number 1 copywriting: No one cares about you, they care about what you can offer to them.

Instead of focusing on content, “enough”, marketers should focus on publishing quality content.

Content that educates the public and builds brand authority in your niche.The right content will be shared, increasing your reach, increasing awareness, increasing confidence, and increasing your inbound leads. The wrong content will lose followers and damage your reputation.

And do not forget to book a time for analysis on a weekly basis. This step will help you understand the effectiveness of their efforts to inbound marketing and how they can be improved.

Inbound Marketing Meaning, Benefits, Examples and Strategies 2

Automate your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing should not be used as the only means of generating more sales.

To achieve a more balanced approach, combine the efforts of inbound marketing with outbound marketing, how to nurture your inbound leads, making the score their leads and other components of marketing automation.

The marketing automation empowers the marketing professionals of inbound with tools and strategies to convert fans and followers into leads and customers.

Automation accomplishes this by cultivating relationships with leads that are not yet ready to buy (most of the time, through email campaigns segmented).

Automation also enhances their efforts of inbound by helping you to separate your leads hot not so hot.

Use marketing automation with your campaign inbound is like throwing gasoline in his “bonfire of marketing.” She will “blow up” and increase your sales!

How to Measure the Efforts of Inbound Marketing

To measure the success of their efforts of inbound marketing, there is a great quanditade of metrics to choose from.

Regardless of whether you decide to look at SEO rankings, inbound leads, or the number of published articles, you certainly will get some information about the performance of your campaigns.

However, don’t take your decisions based only on marketing activities. For example, you have 5.000 followers on Twitter may seem impressive, but this number does not offer a lot of perception in terms of commercial results real.

Instead, you should be looking at financial metrics that show how marketing helps your company generate more profits and faster growth when compared to its competitors.

One of these valuable metrics is organic traffic, which involves people who find your website by Google.

So, let’s say you’re a company hiring staff and a potential customer is type a “solutions team in my city” in a Google search. If the name of your company appear in the results, you will be benefiting from an organic search successful.

Track how much of that organic traffic is converted into inbound leads will give you an idea of how you can adjust your marketing strategies.

Later on, you should be tracking the trends of your metrics, (not only the concrete numbers) so that you can see how quickly your online presence is improving or getting worse.

Examples of Inbound Marketing

  • Centers the content that you offer video guides to explanation and information about products related to your niche
  • The company uses content generated by users in social media campaigns, such as photography competitions.
  • Interactive content online content created in partnership with companies of the same niche to increase the opportunities for public relations.

Final Considerations About Inbound Marketing

Measuring the Results

To measure the impact of the work of marketing inbound in a way that demonstrates a ROI understandable will always be complicated. The key is to make it very clear from the beginning.

It may be that you are not able to track the exact number of leads generated as a direct result of their campaign of inbound marketing, but it sure can keep track of how many downloads your ísca digital or other resources have had, the average length that people watched your video, how many new social media followers you have earned, etc.

When you are planning your campaign, be clear about what you are trying to achieve and evaluate this appropriately and honestly. That way, everyone’s expectations are set and, therefore, are more likely to be met.

Inbound Marketing is a Long-Term Strategy

Campaigns inbound marketing successful does not happen overnight. They take time to plan, implement, and go refining gradually as you go by analyzing your metrics.

These campaigns can be very tricky also – you may need content creators, designers, developers, experts in dissemination, professional social media marketing and a campaign manager to take the thing of the paper.

That said, if you dedicate your time and effort to the marketing campaign inbound certain, you will have something that you continue to provide value to your future customers for many years.

Conclusion – Do the Inbound Marketing Work for You!

In our society fast, where the Internet and social networks shape our daily decisions, customers are exposed to more information than ever before.

This phenomenon not only makes them more educated, but also is causing a change in buying behaviors. As a result, the efforts of the marketing, B2Band B2C should be adjusted to respond to this change.

Today, companies are realizing that the efforts of outbound marketing alone are not sufficient to generate profits. Instead, the techniques of inbound marketing need to be used to attract more inbound leads, and promote a better image of your brand.

Inbound Marketing Meaning, Benefits, Examples and Strategies 3

To succeed at inbound marketing, companies need to use a disciplined approach to content creation, introduce the tools of marketing automation that can help them to nourish and sort your leads, and optimize how these leads flow through the sales funnel.