Kazakhstan Search Engines and Business Directories

by | April 19, 2019
Kazakhstan Search Engines and Business Directories
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For you to better do business with Kazakhstan companies, organizations and professionals, we provide the list of major search engines, yellow pages and business web directories in Kazakhstan. Also, basic country profiles including state capital, currency, time zone and international calling codes are offered, together with viewable map, religions, total population, and major official languages spoken.

Major Search Engines and Business Directories in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Country Profile

Capital: Astana
Official languages: Kazakh (national), Russian
Government: Republic
Currency: Tenge (KZT)
Population: 15 396 929
Area: 2 724 900 kmĀ²
Religion: Islam (47%), Orthodox Church (44%), Protestantism (2%), other (7%)
Time Zone: UTC +5 do +6
Auto Code: KZ
Internet TLD: .kz
Calling code: +7
Corporate Income Tax: 17.5%, 15%(2011->)
Personal Income Tax: 10.00%
Value Added Tax: 12.00%

Flag of Kazakhstan

Map of Kazakhstan

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