Live Marketing: Meaning, How to Use, and 8 Fantastic Examples

by | April 27, 2019
Live Marketing: Meaning, How to Use, and 8 Fantastic Examples
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Live marketing has become a trend, sensational style in the community of online marketing. Thanks to the introduction of Facebook Live, the Intagram live and various social media competitors (such as Periscope, YouTube and Twitch), brands are working harder than ever to bring you interesting videos and valuable to their customers through the Lives.

Since the first video ad went for a baseball stadium in 1941, the video consistently has proven to be a highly effective in reaching these basic goals of marketing. It is no surprise that the video is designed to include up to 79% of the online traffic until 2020.

What is Live Marketing? Concept and Meaning

By concept, live marketing, is the marketing activity, which includes actions that provide experience between a brand and the audience of the live mode.

Live marketing is defined by the set of marketing activities that provide dialogue alive between brands and people, leading to a better acceptance and a better understanding of products, services, or purposes.

This is a kind of promotional activity that stimulates, and causes by means of sensory experiences, above all. In other words, the live marketing has its origin in the desire to offer brand experiences more memorable to consumers, placing them in the center of the strategies, so as to generate more engagement and involvement.

Have you ever been in the grocery store and someone approaches you and asks if you would like to try your product? How many times have you ever seen a company give you something and you will be up to them to get your free sample? This interaction face-to-face between the customer and the brand is what defines the live marketing.

The brands use live marketing to increase their brand recognition (brand awareness). They want customers to see that your brand has to offer, basically, planting the idea of your brand in the mind of the client as an investment in the future of the brand. At the same time, live marketing will generate leads and sales for your company.

Live marketing will al[in traditional marketing. Before, you would see an ad, billboard or see an ad printed in the newspaper, or even an ad on a social media. The live marketing if the distance of these tactics with traditional marketing for clients to interact with your brand. This creates an experience more memorable, because they are able to interact with your brand and ask questions about your brand live.

Ways to Use Live Marketing

Marketers love to use experiences of live marketing to test their products. Marketing professionals can see first-hand how people interact and react to the product. The information obtained with the experience of live marketing are crucial for marketing professionals.

The information and results obtained from these experiences, live marketing can be:

  • Brand recognition
  • Brand awareness
  • The involvement of the client
  • Data collection específios
  • Test products, what worked and what didn’t
  • Instant Feedback from customers
  • Increase sales

Customers can engage with experiences of live marketing in any place! They can be made in any place of your store, office, salon, car or even a sporting event.

Marketing professionals need to create strategies and determine where the best place to perform these experiments in live marketing.

But what is it that causes the live video to be successful and how brands use live video in your benefit, it is important to learn tactics and marketing strategies of the brands that are doing live marketing in the best possible way.

Live Marketing Meaning, How to Use, and 8 Examples of Fantastic 1

For the Live Video and Live Marketing Are So Popular Today?

First, let’s examine why the live video is so popular in the first place:

  • The use of a video itself in the lives:First, there is the appeal of the basic video. The general population tends to prefer visual content to written content, because it is a most basic form of interaction. Thanks to Internet speeds and mobile devices faster, is easier than ever to watch the videos, so they became even more popular as a means online.
  • Value “in the moment”:The social media users also love to feel “in the moment”, and the live videos give them this perspective. Instead of viewing a recorded event, they want to experience something so unique and immediate.
  • User involvement and feedback is instant: live marketing also opens the door to feedback live, as the questions or comments sent by users to the person that is doing the live… That you can respond to them to the extent that the questions are made, which adds a strong layer of engagement to the experience of live marketing.

Brands To Serve As Inspiration – 8 Examples of Live Marketing

If you are not sure how to reproduce the benefits of live marketing or if you are looking for inspiration for your next campaign… You’ve come to the right place!

Enjoy these brilliant examples of video marketing brand live were well made:

1. Walmart

In 2016, Walmart used the live marketing to sell a HP laptop during the christmas season. Through live streaming, consumers were able to attend a demonstration in real time of the product at the time that they were thinking of buying it. The element live (live) it provided a sense of urgency that contributed to the increase in sales of the laptop.

2. Martha Stewart Living and Home Depot

The Martha Stewart Living and Home Depot teamed up to run a strategy live marketing similar to the case of Walmart. They delivered an event of activities and DIY (Do it yourself) at the end of the year 2017, showing, live, the products that you sell to an audience of hundreds of thousands of consumers.

3. Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed does not sell products or services as the majority of companies therefore do not have new products to launch and services to display in a live video. Instead, they make money through advertising and specialize in getting attention with the content.

Of course, this is the angle that they used in a live broadcast in April, one of the first examples of Facebook Live in action. In the video, two people have put rubber bands on a watermelon, one by one, to see how many would need before the explosion of the watermelon.

The live unfolded during 45 minutes and, in spite of its ridiculous premise, turned out to attract more of 807.000 viewers at its peak of users watching live.

Why? Because Buzzfeed has aroused the curiosity of the spectators and continued to increase the tension – literally and figuratively – during the whole video. Until the watermelon exploded with the rubber bands…

4. Grazia UK

The Grazia is a women’s magazine Italian Grazia UK is a subdivision of the international it division of the United Kingdom). In June 2016, the Grazia UK it was the headquarters of Facebook in London for a collaborative partnership to create the first “problem community”.

During the week of the collaboration, the Grazia UK has transmitted several events through the lives on Facebook, giving users a vision of the scenes, which made them feel as if they were part of the event.

But the live of the most successful was a discussion round table about the Brexit. The discussions live are almost always popular, especially when they involve the participation of the public; and of course, this made a great success.

The users of Facebook were able to send in questions live, and to feel as if they were part of the debate during the whole execution time.

Live Marketing Meaning, How to Use, and 8 Examples of Fantastic 2

5. Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin ‘ Donuts account with visuals to sell their products – it is difficult to resist the idea of having a donut or coffee when you see one – so it is natural for the brand to take advantage of the season of Valentine’s Day to do live marketing.

In his live, the brand explored his “test kitchen”, showing how she creates new products, ending with a final that involved the creation of a giant wedding cake with the theme of donut. The video attracted more than 36,000 viewers, which may not seem like much, but consider the fact that these people were not watching sports, news or something funny; they were seeing a cake to be done.

6. Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a brand of endurance events, like marathons riddled with obstacles that challenge their participants in multiple physical forms. It is also known for its proud evangelists of the brand and a sense of community.

In June 2016, the Tough Mudder did a broadcast live from an event training with coach T. Mud, a vibrant personality… To live accompanied T. Mud as he went through the endurance event.

As the brand depends on the participation physical, this was a great way to involve the non-local with the brand and get new fans for your programs.

Along the campaign live marketing Tough Mudder, you could hear references to the descriptions of the event, as well as promotion of short training programs of the Tough Mudder and other materials – a perfect balance between the actual content and the promotion of the brand.

7. Tastemade

The Tastemade is a brand that makes exceptional use of video to inspire the appetite of the spectators and attract new users. One of their efforts to live marketing more successful was a live version of a series of pre-recorded – the series Tiny Kitchen that uses miniatures to bake miniature versions of food.

The live ended with more than 100 thousand views, and the Tastemade continues to constantly use live marketing to engage your audience.

8. Microsoft and Salesforce

The live marketing also allows businesses in the space of B2B (Business to Business) will amplify the messages of its conferences and product launches, increasing the impact of marketing events live. For example, in the past year, Microsoft has transmitted dozens of conferences for developers and users, and put your products and messages in front of almost 13 million current and potential customers in the future.

The Salesforce also delivered more than 15 major events, including the annual conference of users, Dreamforce. The Dreamforce allows hundreds of thousands of users to come together and be part of the community of the organization, and the live streaming has allowed millions to do part of it at a distance.

How Can You Maximize the Return on Investment of Your Live Marketing?

Like all content, your live stream is as valuable as the attention it attracts. So, you want to make sure that it is reaching a large audience. In addition, you want to make sure that you are reaching out to and involving a large number of the right people.

Live Marketing Meaning, How to Use, and 8 Examples of Fantastic 3

To do this, you probably already know that you need to spend some time determining your target audience and where they can be found online.

After that, distribution is the name of the game. Make sure that your live event to be displayed online in places where your target audience likes to go. Take advantage of the platforms that can ensure maximum views and targeting needs, and then redirect your viewers engaged so that you will not be forgotten.