Marketing One to One: Meaning, Examples, Benefits, and Strategies

by | April 3, 2019
Marketing One to One: Meaning, Examples, Benefits, and Strategies
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Go out for coffee has become a kind of sophisticated art…marketing one to one has become increasingly complex.

He has progressed from “black coffee or coffee with milk” for a range of combinations of coffees different.

The baristas who have become experts at remembering the orders of regular customers increase the reputation of their stores and differentiate themselves from the competition.

This personal touch of remembering the tastes and preferences of a customer is called marketing one-to-one, or marketing one to one.

It became a form of effective marketing, and widely used. Although the marketing one to one is usually to be executed by a database computer, not a person, remember the personal preferences of the customer can be the deciding factor to keep their customers.

Many leading online retailers and retail stores have developed sophisticated systems of tracking clicks, visits and purchases from the client to create a marketing plan one to one unique to each one of them.

What is a marketing one to one – Concept and Meaning

The marketing one to one (that means, as a marketing one-to-one, and that is also known as marketing face-to-face) is a strategy that depends on knowing the individual choices made by a customer, and then tailor your marketing reach to each and every customer differently based on these choices.

Marketing one to one marketing 1 to 1 is a type of direct marketing in which a salesperson communicates directly with someone.

This person is someone who the company targets deliberately. It is a CRM strategy that focuses on custom interactions with customers or potential customers. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, which translated means the Administration of the relationship with the client.

It is an approach that does not necessarily is used to call the attention of the client, but to keep the attention and the business of it.

There are two types of marketing one to one:

Marketing one to one personalization

In this type of marketing one to one, the firm learns the preferences and the personal tastes of each consumer, and customizes your marketing plan to them.

The it is one of the best examples of the strategy of personalization, one to one. Amazon recommends products based on purchases and interests earlier.

She realizes each click, and each intereção that the user takes on your site and uses this to prepare a strategy of marketing one to one custom for each visitor to your website.

Marketing one to one customization

The company does not learn the preferences of each customer, but, instead, offers to the individual customer the ability to customize the product according to your own tastes.

A great example of this strategy is the customization of marketing one to one is a ecommerce of computers that offers a basic platform from a laptop, and then gives the client the ability to adapt many of the features of the laptop, such as processor, memory storage, and unique programs.

Another great example is a news site. Many news sites online use the same strategy of marketing one one one of custommização, allowing users to select the types of news (international, political, financial, etc.) who want to display more prominently on the site.

The relationship marketing, marketing one to one, and the digital marketing

In the days of today, with the advancement tecnonológico, the marketing relationship with the customer is increasingly important for all businesses and companies.

Today it is not enough just to do the marketing relationship when the client goes to your shop. You need to use digital marketing and all of their weapons to be able to practice your marketing one to one and strengthen the relationship with the client.

A very common way of using the relationship marketing and the marketing one to one, is to create your social media campaigns.

With the popularization of Instagram and Twitter in Brazil. You can create special campaigns using hashtags popular for its followers of instagramand their Twitter followers, for example.

In general, take advantage of the technology and all the attention that their clients are putting in the media social to get him there!

Marketing strategies one to one

In this article we will talk about 3 marketing strategies of customization that are used by large companies.

Marketing One to One Meaning, Examples, Benefits, and Strategies 1

The special attention and custom

Few things cause a larger print on a consumer of that personal attention and appreciation by the client.

The best baristas of coffee you know what is the favorite coffee shop of John at the time that he entereth in by the door. This special attention makes that little Johnny always go back to the coffee shop.

The investment consultants are experts in marketing one to one. They know the personalities, preferences and investment priorities of their customers, in addition to the level of risk you are willing to take. This special attention makes customers not to exchange you for your competition.

Suggestions customized for the client

Companies of digital marketing such as Amazon and Netflix have become masters at collecting, storing and interpreting the history of clicks of clients on their websites.

They take this information and create a marketing plan specialized for each client, with recommendations on the next book to read or the next movie to be watched.

Marketing one to one, and the Club benefits

Many retailers now offer customers the opportunity to join the “club benefits” free of charge.

Membership to the club provides incentives to the client in form of lower prices or rewards of buying frequent. To obtain these incentives, the customer must make the check-in with the ID of the association.

This allows the company to track all items purchased during each visit. Once the retailers know the patterns and buying preferences of each customer – that a certain member of the club purchases many soft drinks, for example – they can send mailings of coupons customized to the one associated, saving money on soft drinks and other favorite items.

Who uses the marketing one to one?

Marketing executives say that marketing one on one generates a better return on investment than other ways of advertising.

This is due in part to greater customer loyalty. Customer loyalty refers to customers who come back for more repeatedly.

To the extent that shopping on the Internet become increasingly common in Brazil, the marketing one-to-one also increases.

Customers who return to the sites of ecommerce who have already made a purchase often find a message, “Suggestions for you” waiting for them. In addition, they can receive an e-mail follow-up with these suggestions for additional purchases.

Amazon, Netflix, eBay, iTunes and many other online retailers have developed sophisticated marketing systems 1-to-1 that accompany and follow each click of each client, recording and categorizing every purchase to develop a profile of the custom client based on these patterns of clicks and purchases.

With these data, companies develop marketing plans different and special for each client.

It is essentially a barista online giving welcome every time you visit the site, with a suggestion that is customized for that you would probably like to buy.

How to create and implement a marketing strategy one to one in your company

The key to developing a marketing plan face-to-face successful is to create a data system for learning and remembering the tastes and the buying patterns of each customer.

The methods for creating an efficient strategy of marketing custom vary based on how the company interacts with its customers.

In the case of retailers like Amazon, data is collected by capturing the general information of consumers and connecting them to the records of all the items the customer has viewed and purchased. This creates a marketing profile that is unique to each client.

When the product or service is purchased personally, the construction of a system of data collection requires more work and creativity.

Lately, companies are using some form of identification card of the client to help develop a database that can be transformed into profiles of customized marketing.

Marketing One to One Meaning, Examples, Benefits, and Strategies 2

Examples of Marketing one to one

The supermarkets Kroger, for example, encourages buyers to sign up for a card of “club of customers preferred” offering lower prices to customers who use the card.

Customers subscribe to the card by providing their contact information – such as name, address, telephone number, email address.

Every time you make a purchase, the card is used, which allows the Kroger record, store and categorize all the items purchased for each member of the club.

With this information, the company develops a marketing plan and one on one personalized for each client and sends coupons and promotions for the items that each customer buys frequently.

Some companies also develop marketing plans 1-to-1 that allow each client to customize their own product, based on the preferences of the individual.

Instead of collect and store information about each client, the client basically design your own product.

The equivalent of the café would be to serve the client only the coffee itself, and let the customer add their own sweetener, milk, etc.

The shops of yoghurt self-service (such as Froyo) are a recent trend that has adopted this approach, providing a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from and allowing customers to build their own pot custom frozen yogurt.

Advantages of marketing one to one

It facilitates the segmentation of your audience

The marketing face to face is very important to avoid waste of resources and time with a public that is poorly selected.

From the moment that you work your segmentation according to the affinity of the consumer, it is possible to achieve further efficiency in its strategy of customer loyalty.

  • Self-knowledge: be aware of the qualities and defects of its product and service help to create an honest communication. You need to have a plan ready to react and respond to comments and complaints regarding your products whenever they come to you.
  • Evaluation of the context: understand who is the target audience, what are their desires of consumption, as you can meet some of their expectations of the purchase is critical. In this way, it is possible to create relevant contentand think about new products and more appropriate services. It is still possible to predict changes of purchasing habits, and present news.

Marketing One to One Meaning, Examples, Benefits, and Strategies 3

The marketing one to one favors a strategy of upsell

Upsell or additional selling is a technique very used to be able to make the customer buy something in addition to what he wanted to do.

As the marketing face-to-face allows you to know the background the purchasing behavior of the consumer, you can use the upsell as a strategy to increase the average ticket of each client.

In this way, be able to increase your faturamente total.

Reduce your costs of marketing in general

By knowing your target audience, you know what are the means of communication more efficient, in addition to having full awareness of the kind of language I should use in each one of them.

Therefore, if it is more effective to send an e-mail rather than call, you won’t waste time with links.

Even the frequency of contact will be more assertive precisely because you know their client well.

Conclusion – Use the marketing one to one to get to know your customers

It is impossible to understand who is in your audience without asking what he likes and what he wants at the right time.

Anyway, there are some other methods too practiced that can be efficient in several cases.

  • Sending customer satisfaction survey or to understand the habits of consumption by means of e-mail;
  • Monitoring and constant analysis of the return on their investments;
  • Study of the market and trends of consumers.