Medical Marketing: Importance, Benefits, Errors, and 11 Strategies

by | April 3, 2019
Medical Marketing: Importance, Benefits, Errors, and 11 Strategies
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We’ve all heard of marketing right? But and medical marketing? As it is, this is the theme of this article!

In the modern era of today, the marketing and the media have become an essential part of organizational growth – even for medical practices. The truth is that more and more people have made the transition to seek out information on the web, including information about health.

A report from the Pew Research Center states that “72% of Internet users said they sought online information on health in 2013”. This means that doctors, clinics and hospitals need to “keep track of that change” and establish your online presence on the web. If not, you may be out of the market soon…

Search engines, such as Google, have become so sophisticated to help people find what they are looking for, that it is now possible to type literally medical specialists or specialists doctors near me and you’ll have a list of medical specialists with more authority in your geographic area.

But wait… what do you mean with “more authority”? Well, you see, Google ranks the pages based on two key metrics: the Authority, which is a measure of how many people share or link to your content, and Relevance, which is a measure of how well you create content related to users ‘ keywords in search engines (such as Google) to find your site or blog. Websites and blogs that create content that is relevant to what is found by Internet users, and then are shared on the Web, are considered as sites with more authority.

But, the more difficult it is, the medical marketing is essential to the clinics and hospitals. Those who invest in marketing prosper, while others who resist tend to stay behind. Fortunately, some of the tactics simple can quickly increase the online presence and offline offices, making it easier for patients to find you.

Before we dive into marketing tactics médicco, there are some important things to remember when planning your marketing strategy doctor:

  • The medical marketing does not mean ads, though the ads can play a significant role in your marketing strategy doctor. Marketing involves public relations, media planning, customer support, market research and community involvement, in addition to ads.
  • The medical marketing (and the majority of types of marketing) is an ongoing process. Your strategy will adapt to the changes in the industry and in the world around you. Invest in a long-term strategy to expand its business over time, instead of trying to a scheme of “do and forget”, which is likely to be below the expected.
  • Marketing is an investment. You must not only spend time and money in your marketing strategy, but should also track the results to determine the return on investment to ensure success.
  • Medical Marketing is a conversation between you and your customers. As such, you should focus on what your audience wants and needs, that is, you.
  • Marketing is useless if you can’t do what it promises. Your practice will grow from medical excellence – customer service unparalleled to the patient, a specialization in your field of medicine and successful results. Focus your efforts on improving your medical practice will be the marketing strategy more effective to grow in the long term.

Because the Marketing Doctor is importânte?

The healthcare market is changing every day; the industry used to be built on care based on volume, and is now more focused on customer service based on value, which prioritizes the involvement of the patient, the involvement and the continuing results of the health.

As the landscape of health care continues its dramatic shift to focus more on consumers and patients become more involved in their own health, providers must adjust how to involve your target audience to stay relevant in the market and be successful.

11 Marketing Strategies Doctor

So, what strategies medical marketing and media doctors, clinics and hospitals can apply that really work to increase profits and wages?

1. Build a Website

Your doctor’s office needs an online home, a place where you can be found for current patients and potential. Fortunately, you do not need to be an HTML expert to start using a custom web site. Online services such as Wixand Squarespace are direct, easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you can hire someone to design and code a site for you – you can find freelancers on independent sites, such as UpWork or Fiverr. The way you pursue depends on your comfort level, time, budget and skills.

2. Create a Blog For Maximize Your Marketing Efforts Doctor

A blog regularly updated and connected to your site medical practice offers many opportunities to meet the needs and interests of your audience. This is also the place for content marketing, a type of writing that helps build your personal brand and show who you are. “The saying is ‘Show, don’t just say,’” says Chris Blose, vice president of content of the Imagination, a marketing agency content. “You are showing that you are a leader in their field”. Some suggestions of topics which include their specialty, trends and patient stories.

Medical Marketing Importance, Benefits, Errors, and 11 Strategies 1

3. Share Content on Facebook

There are more of 1,94 billion monthly active users of Facebook around the world. And, as the slogan of the social network makes clear, the site has everything to do with connection. A professional page of Facebook for your medical marketing (separate from your personal page) allows you to often get in touch with your audience and remember your presence. Post tips, news, and other items notable will help to ensure that followers and fans to remember when you need medical services. It is also an ideal forum for your blog posts. The useful links and interesting that you publish on Facebook can be shared and passed on, providing information mouth-to-mouth on you.

4. Use All the Social Networks In Your Marketing Strategy Doctor

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks, like Snapchat and LinkedIn, offer additional opportunities to connect and share with their audience. Social networks only to doctors, such as Sermo, can help you network with professionals from all over the world and further demonstrate your experience in your field. The key to maintaining an online presence successful is to post frequent and consistent – try posting in their accounts of the Twitter and / or Instagram several times a day, if possible.

5. Gain Exposure in the Traditional Media

There are few better ways to create expertise and gain exposure than to be quoted in the media. Journalists for print, online and TV regularly seek medical professionals to provide context and legitimacy to their stories. “Think about partnering with an agency of local news in a column of health to position itself as a specialist for current patients and future,” advises Andrew Hanelly, senior partner and creative director of Revmade, an agency of marketing and advertising.

Subscribe to services like Help a Reporter Out and ProfNet will give you access to media queries, as well as provide you an opportunity to disclose their own ideas to journalists. This way, you can give more exposure for your medical marketing.

6. Consider Adding Email Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy Doctor

Capture e-mail addresses and send e-mail messages regularly to your contacts list, and drive traffic to your website, blog and social networking pages, which, in turn, generates requests for additional consultations and referrals.

Start collecting emails of your existing client base and reference, as well as his followers on social media. Then, create a newsletter template with a matching service cheap, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. Not sure what to include? Try to start with the highlights of your recent work and links to your blog posts.

7. Offer Gifts Unexpected to Your Clients

Not all modern practices of medical marketing are online only. Everyone likes giveaways, such as pens, balls, stress magnets, and water bottles with your info on them will keep your contact information literally at the hand of the client.

“Not only do these unexpected gifts for the patients are an opportunity for you to win matches and build relationships with people, but they also create the launch platform for moments of social media that amplified the good will of the customers,” says Hanelly. “The whole world will be waiting for your next post on Facebook.”

8. Use Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing Doctor

Your current patients and doctors are your best marketing partners. Take advantage of the power of happy customers to help promote your name to patients on potential requesting references.

Ask for testimonials not only gives you the best type of marketing material – what other people say about you – but it also gives you the chance to see how your patients see you, which is an invaluable resource. The assessments of the patients are a mirror of how good is your practice. Embrace the valuable feedback that people are giving you, and use it in your marketing strategy doctor.

9. Contribute to the Publications of the industry Medical to Gain Exposure

As with blogs and acting as a source of stories for media, writing articles for medical journals about their experiences and knowledge can improve your profile among fellow physicians – and possibly lead to referrals.

If knowledge is power, so share this knowledge and perspective in the trusted environment of a publication puts your message in the right context.

Medical Marketing Importance, Benefits, Errors, and 11 Strategies 2

10. Consider using A referral Program in Your Medical Marketing

A record of care of a high level and a genuine concern for their patients will contribute much to encourage the word-of-mouth positive and forward to friends and family. But there is nothing wrong with a little reminder.

Print the reference cards with a simple message such as “Share the health with your friends and family,” and the information of his office, then arrange them to distribute them, perhaps as part of their packages of care. When you receive an indication as to offer a discount to the customer who made the nomination for the next queries.

This technique will surely bring new patients to your practice!

11. Improve the SEO of Your Website and Blog

The search engine optimization (SEO), improving the probability of it being found by means of online research, can help drive targeted leads (for example, patients and doctors reference) to your website.

You can improve your SEO with location, how to add the address of your practice on your web pages. Create original content for your website and blog also help, as well as to encourage links to your pages (Link Building).

Benefits of Medical Marketing

  • Find patients the potential business objectives in mind;
  • Generate more qualified leads, thus increasing your revenue with healthy margins
  • Keep the patients involved with the disclosures relevant;
  • Keep the patients in the long term and improve loyalty in your health community;
  • Connect with patients in multiple different channels;
  • Evaluate the productivity and realign your marketing strategy a doctor with the analysis of the data collected

Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Marketing Strategy Doctor

The practice of medical marketing is regulated by the Federal Council of Medicine, and can not simply follow what other industries do without problems. It is crucial to know to make a medical marketing in an ethical way.

The following errors need to be avoided at all costs, to prevent the disclosure becomes the reason of headache:

  • To have your name involved in deceptive advertising;
  • Announce hi as a show of superior ability;
  • View photos of patients;
  • Publicly disclose information that alarmem the society;
  • Consult, diagnose, and prescribe at a distance;
  • Announce a specialty that you do not own;

Medical Marketing Importance, Benefits, Errors, and 11 Strategies 3