SMS Marketing: What It Is, Rules, Importance, and 7 Powerful Tips

by | April 27, 2019
SMS Marketing: What It Is, Rules, Importance, and 7 Powerful Tips
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I bet you’ve heard the term “sms marketing”! It is not the same? If you haven’t yet, you will know all about the subject with this article!

It is not a mystery that the development of a relationship strategy with clients works. If you want to reach your customers with your marketing, not podeesperar them to come to you. You have to be proactive and go where they are.

Now, I don’t expect (or advise) you to go knock on the doors of all their customers and prospects – this would be crazy. But you could do the next best thing.

Send mesnsagens SMS to your customers!

As people become more connected to their cell phones, text messages make the contact line more direct between you and your customers.

This made the marketing of the text message, or SMS marketing, to become one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers when done correctly.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing means sending promotional campaigns or messages for commercial purposes and marketing by using text messages (SMS). These messages are mainly intended to communicate offers, updates, and alerts and time-sensitive to people who have consented to receive such messages from your company.

If this definition seems very complicated, do not worry. This article covers all the terms above so that you have a better idea of how SMS marketing can enhance your strategy of digital marketing.

What Are the Rules and best Practices For SMS Marketing?

Text messages are a line of communication very effective and direct with the client. But there are many rules that you should consider when planning their strategy of SMS marketing.

Check if your contacts have opted to receive your messages of SMS Marketing

The first and most important of these regars is to receive permission from your contacts to send SMS messages to them.

The SMS has an open rate extremely high, but it will not help if you are sending messages to people who do not wish to receive your text messages. Not to mention that the opt-in to receive SMS marketing is needed in most countries.

Be Aware of the Timing of Your Messages

Unlike e-mail, which is checked a few a few times a day, people open text messages (SMS) almost immediately upon receiving them. This is great for urgent messages, but you don’t want to abuse that power, upsetting their contacts at times inconvenient.

You would use a discount coupon that you woke up at 2 in the morning? Probably you will be angry with the company that you woke up early in the morning with an SMS text message marketing.

Some countries even have laws about when you can send SMS marketing (for example, France does not allow the SMS marketing to Sundays, holidays, or any time after 22h).

Include the Name of Your Company in Your SMS Marketing

To send SMS messages in bulk, most of the providers send them by means of an access code, which means that your contacts do not know they are coming from you. This is why you need to inform your contacts about who is sending the message.

You do not want to send a promo coupon for your customers, and they don’t know who sent it, right?

Use SMS Marketing To Supplement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The beauty of digital marketing is that there are multiple channels that you can use to interact with their customers. All these channels come together to create a communication system marketing that allows companies to build relationships with customers and leads on a large scale.

SMS and email marketing are two channels that are very complementary. You can create campaigns through both channels, using e-mail to include more detailed information and SMS to communicate more information is urgent or time-sensitive.

Importance of SMS Marketing

The SMS is one of the marketing channels most useful at your disposal for several reasons:

  • Smartphones: With almost three-quarters of Brazilians using smartphones, SMS is an excellent way to reach these customers directly. To include a link in this text, you can boost engagement with your company online.
  • The complement of the email marketing Loop: Although the e-mail marketing and SMS marketing have many similarities in the implementation of your strategy, they work better together. As mentioned previously, you can use SMS to send instant notifications, while the e-mail contains more content than the long format.
  • High rates of engagement:the rates of engagement of SMS are astronomical in comparison with the e-mail, with 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes after receiving them. This makes SMS very useful in providing critical information with a high rate of success.
  • Great for emerging markets:if your business is trying to operate in countries where data is expensive and wi-fi is less common, SMS is a channel very best to transmit information.

How it Works SMS Marketing?

Marketing messages by SMS are sent from “short codes”, unlike telephone numbers, full. These short codes are typically 5 to 6 digits and can be associated with a sender or shared among multiple senders.

Many countries do not allow the sender information to be changed. This means that your message will appear as a text message of any short code that your provider used (not your company). Therefore, it is important to include the name of your company in the SMS messages.

There are two types of messages that you can send with SMS marketing:

  1. Campaigns:the campaign messages are the text messages in mass “one to many” classic. They are usually usadacs to communicate promotions (coupons, sales, etc.) or general information (event details, updates, weather alerts, etc.).
  2. Transactional:transactional messages are messages that are “one-to-one” that are triggered by a particular event or behavior. An example of this would be an order confirmation or notification of delivery for a purchase of ecommerce. These messages communicate information relevant to only one of the staff.

Para que é Utilizado o SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing can be used in several different ways. I’ll share with you some of the common use cases to get a better idea of what you can do with SMS marketing and how it can help your company.

Promotions Short-Term For Companies in Retail or Ecommerce

Coupons and promotions are a great way to attract more people to your store or website. If you are performing a sale or promotion for a limited time, obviously want that maximum people will be sabeno about the promotion.

The SMS is a great channel to communicate these offers, especially if you want to let customers know while they are in motion. This way, you can be sure that they will not miss their promotion because they have not received the message in time.

Updates Urgent About Events or Requests from Customers

There are many moving parts that enter in the planning and execution of an event. The more people that attend an event, the more difficult it will be to communicate necessary information to all.

With SMS marketing, you can easily communicate any changes, cancellations, general information or updates with better rates of engagement compared to the e-mail or other communication channels.

Appointment reminders

If your business runs on scheduled times, then you know the frustration of having customers forgetting about time and showing up late. It’s even more frustrating is when clients don’t appear.

This not only throws off your time, but also wastes your time. This means that you may have declined other appointments because this time was marked. Sending text messages with reminders is a fantastic way to ensure that people do not forget their appointments and present themselves at the right time.

Alerts Internal

If you have a large number of employees, it can be difficult to communicate urgent messages (closures of offices, emergency updates, etc.) for all at once. You can send an e-mail to them, but they can not see them. SMS marketing is a great way to ensure that everyone receives your message in the short term.

SMS Marketing What It Is, Rules, Importance, and 7 Tips Powerful 1

Who Can Benefit from Using SMS Marketing?

Text messages can be a great addition to your digital marketing efforts, regardless of the type of business that you have. They serve the function only of communicating the information very urgent in a way highly reliable.

But there are certain companies who can not live without SMS in your marketing strategy:

  • Shops Ecommerce:send promotional campaigns or confirmations, the SMS marketing is an excellent tool for e-commerce stores (Ecommerce).
  • Travel companies or tourism: the SMS is essential for travel companies, because the customers need real-time information. This includes updates of flight time changes, gate, cancellations, weather alerts and much more. With SMS, you are able to tell clients exactly what they need to know, without having to worry about whether they will see the messages in time.
  • Service companies that require appointments: make sure that your clients never forget the commitment by sending SMS reminders. This will save you a lot of time and money on no-shows and appointments delayed.
  • Large organizations with more than one hundred employees: internal communication is important, but it is difficult to communicate with all employees of a large company. For urgent information, the e-mail is very slow. Use SMS for internal communication is the best way to ensure that all employees receive the information that you want to send at the right time.

7 Tips For Exponencializar the Power of SMS Marketing

Not all of the campaigns of SMS marketing are the same. There are some companies that integrate fully the marketing of SMS in your business strategy, and other who see it as a side project.

If you have already decided to use SMS marketing, here are some tips and suggestions on how to maximize your success.

1. Create a Team of SMS Marketing

Major marketing campaigns by SMS are not DIY. You will need a variety of skilled professionals to make the most of your marketing strategy. One or a few people may fill several of these functions.

These areas need to be coordinated and, as the schedule of the SMS is getting every time more immediately, the marketing team need to work very closely and communicate often about plans, strategies, and execution. The more complete your SMS team, the greater will be the benefits of marketing strategies effective.

2. Know Your Customer

Analyze the purchase history and demographic data based on the location to send the right messages to the right customers. If you is a line of cosmetics, do not send a coupon for cream anti-wrinkle of a person of twenty years for his store in Brasilia when she lives in Belo Horizonte.

Target your customers for specific promotions. Send bulk messages for sales and promotions general that any person anywhere in the world can take advantage of.

3. Write Clear Messages

You have 160 characters to express yourself. Do this at least, if you can. Make sure that the message is clear and concise, written in Portuguese of course. Avoid abbreviations, emoticons, and use all uppercase letters.

Do not use open messages. An example of the open message is the one that invites customers to a sale, but does not tell you when the sale ends. The client has no idea whether it is for a day or a month. To provide a specific date when a sale ends, or put a expiration date on a coupon, it is more likely that customers act because you have provided information and sufficient incentives.

SMS Marketing What It Is, Rules, Importance, and 7 Tips Powerful 2

4. Use good CTA (Calls to Actions) In Your Messages of SMS Marketing

The calls to action (calls to action) increase the customer engagement with your marketing text for SMS. It is exactly what you want for your customers and leads: it involves them, so that they value their SMS, make as they interact with the SMS and act according to the CTAs.

Here are some of the calls winning:

  • “Show this message” text:Ask customers to show the text to gain a discount is a way to clear and effective to wrap it up in your promotion. Example: “Show this SMS to get 50% discount on your dinner tonight.”
  • “Click here”:sometimes, you don’t have enough space in your text message to include all of the information that your client needs. Perhaps you are hosting an event and want to add a link to a map or a video about the event or a link to your website, where there are more details. In this case, a button “Click here” will provide a link for the necessary details.
  • “Answer this SMS to win:Many customers would be interested in having a chance to win a prize or gift from your company. Ask them to send a text to participate in the contest to help increase the engagement of customers. If you are not offering a sale or hosting an event, campaign“, answer this SMS to win” are an effective way to remind customers of their existence and continue to increase the traffic and sales.
  • “Reply to vote”:Involving customers in research for the cell phone to find out how your company is doing in terms of service, quality of product, prices and much more.
  • “Buy it now”:This is the button CTA perfect for targeted messages. If you know that a customer purchases routinely a particular product, you can send a text promoting this product with a “Buy now” button to facilitate the purchase.

5. Focus on the Timing of your SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the immediacy. It takes people on average three minutes to open the messages. The responses of customers to sales, promotions and events promoted in the SMS are more effective when they are impulses of the last hour. If you have an event for the opening of the store on the night of Friday, send the message Friday afternoon. If you have a dinner party promotional in your restaurant, send it at the end of the work day, and not in the morning.

Be careful not to tread on thin ice by sending messages very early in the morning or late in the evening. The acceptable times are between 8:00 and 21:00.

Take the time of the SMS a step further, figuring out the best time to send a message to a specific individual based on their previous interactions with their texts. This ultra-segmentation goes beyond the region and the demographics and customize your SMS marketing to optimize the results.

6. Promote Opt-Ins For Your List of SMS Marketing in All Media

The best way to get customers to opt to receive your messages is to give them the opportunity to do this at all points of contact with your company:

Social media. Add a field “phone Number” to your sign-in page of Facebook and a “Accept” button for them to opt-in to your SMS campaign marketing.

Website. Make sure that the feature activation by SMS is a prominent feature on your website.

Newsletter. Make the SMS opt-in is visible in your newsletters.

The point of sale. Make sure that the employees are asking if customers want to opt in for SMS texts for promotions and sales.

7. Focus On Your Best Customers

Your best customers are those who are loyal, who buy consistently from you, give feedback and promote your brand to their friends and family. A smart strategy is to identify this circle of customers (influencers) and to dedicate time and extra resources to them.

They know and love your brand, so use your knowledge to your advantage and send them to the research questions more detailed than you send to your customers in bulk. In addition, they are the VIP of your company, so treat them as such. Reward your commitment with special offers and extra benefits.


Regardless of the type of business you have, you can maximize the benefits of your SMS campaign by dedicating time to create effective messages, analyzing the demographics of their customers, by investing in a marketing team specific sales of SMS and promoting your SMS campaign in all the media of your company.

SMS Marketing What It Is, Rules, Importance, and 7 Tips Powerful 3

You should now have a better idea of what is SMS marketing and why it is great for the companies. Here is a quick recap of some of the main positive points:

  • Reliable delivery
  • Direct line with the client
  • High engagement and open rates
  • Excellent complement to your marketing strategy by email