What Is Aida? Definition, Concepts, How to Use, and Practical Examples

by | April 3, 2019
What Is Aida? Definition, Concepts, How to Use, and Practical Examples
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There is an old and ancient, but great technique of copywriting, that all who create content for their business SHOULD know: the Model-AIDA copywriting.

What is the AIDA? The concept of the Model AIDA

AIDA IS a simple formula designed to attract the attention of people and keep them attracted by your content up to the point of taking a given action induced by its content. It is a strategy from beginning to end of how to write a great content that converts.

To my surprise, the term AIDA does not seem to be as discussed as much as you would expect in the field of strategy and content production.

We can learn a lot with the art of copywriting in sales letters, especially how to engage, persuade and convert our readers.

In this article, we’ll discuss more details about the AIDA. what it is, and the meaning and how to use it in your content strategy to be able to sell and convert more readers.

Source Model AIDA

The term AIDA, and the general approach are commonly attributed to american advertising industry and the pioneering of sales, E. St. Elmo Lewis. In one of his publications on advertising, Lewis postulated at least three principles to which an advertisement should be:


What does the Term AIDA?

Let’s start by dividing the term AIDA in its fundamental parts:

  • A = Attention means Attention
  • I = Interest which means Interest
  • D = Desire means Desire
  • A = Action which means Action

Method AIDA Summary

If you follow the AIDA in any of your content, you guide consumers along a funnel of experience.

You begin by calling the attention of his audience and leaves them engaged in your content, curious, or excited enough to continue reading or watching.

Then you build up and increases the audience’s interest in what you have to offer, to the point for them to start to relate this potential product, service, or information with their own lives.

At this point, you begin to shake with the desire of your audience. The goal is to get them to want to buy a product, have an experience or make a big step in their lives.

Finally, you take them up to the inflection point so that they really take the specific action you want them to take.

The overview above should probably seem quite familiar. In fact, it is the experience that most of us hope to create when we sit down to create content for commercial purposes.

The Technique AIDA marketing and copywriting provides a consistent framework for writers to follow and will increase your chances of obtaining the best possible results.

How to Use Method AIDA Marketing and Copywriting

If you are interested in experiencing the AIDA, the following guide will be very useful to help you.

What I tried to do here is simple: you to display each part of the concept of AIDA, exploring how they can be applied to different parts of your content and demonstrate practical examples of AIDA to ensure that you can implement these tips.

Many marketers are finally embracing the idea of a framework of content creation that will help you decide what and how to write. The method AIDA is probably one of the most common and efficient that currently exist.

To find the step-by-step to follow when creating your content, you will increase the effectiveness of your content. At the same time that will make this creation process more easy and simple.

A = Attention – Attention of The.I.D.The

The first challenge for any content is to capture the audience’s attention.

To get the attention of an audience, you first need to introduce a concept that is deeply relevant and timely to the audience you are trying to achieve.

Here are some questions that you can get if you do when you are in the planning stages of content and you want to create a good introduction that calls much the attention of the public:

  • Who will consume this content? If you had to create and describe one persona (consumer ideal), as it would be? Gender, location, family status, employment, income, interests, etc.
  • What is the most urgent issue related to the topic about which I am writing? What keeps them awake at night or what specific problems the leaves concerned?
  • What kind of solution this content will offer to remedy these problems? Is the introduction of an idea that could change the way they think about their lives? How, specifically, your solutions will solve their problems(the)?
  • How my audience talks about their problems? What are the words or concepts of “magic” that immediately create empathy with this persona?

In this last point, let me give you an example of AIDA. If you are selling a skate “skaters” and want to draw attention to them, it is important that you understand the jargoes and girias internal of them.

What Is Aida Definition, Concepts, How to Use, and Practical Examples 1

If your audience identify themselves as “skateboarders”, use that term in your title or headline might catch the attention of them IMMEDIATELY.

In the same way, if you are talking with men who feel that their wives are losing interest, what terms do you think that would work to draw attention to them?

You may want to use a headline like: “rekindle the desire her for you,” or maybe this is not anything that this persona think.

Maybe a headline like: “make your wife remember how much you are interesting with these 3 words” is more in line with the mentality of this persona.

The important thing is that you take the time to find a specific language that will call the attention of your persona. You can do this when unable to reach a deep understanding of your audience.

Your headline and your lead paragraph are the two most important areas to capture the attention of the potential customer. Always review these areas to find out why people are not consuming your content as you would like.

I = Interest – the Interest of A.I.D. The

Once you have connected your reader to the content, it’s time to really prove to him how you really understand the problem with it(the).

This is linked to the idea of having a persona extremely well-defined to whom you will sell your product and is focusing on the content.

Specifically, if you consider a situation as a health issue, for example, the interest of your persona will be inflated from the time that you, actually, show that you understand and care about the problem and that has practical solutions to it.

A common example in the digital marketing are “health problems embarrassing”.

It is true that many people seek on the internet the solution to the problems that they do not feel dwill discuss with a doctor. Precisely because they have! expose that to someone.

If you can show that you understand the challenges of living with a health problems in particular and, specifically, how this problem makes them feel, you will begin to engage them in your content a much stronger form.

After that, it is time to construct your arguments and stories.

For example, you may have done research on the specifics of this health problem and know of medical studies reputable that suggest treatments are little known or cures are successful for the probema.

You can still, to further enhance its rapport with the reader, to divide a personal experience that took account of the problem, and then how she managed to overcome the difficulties.

The key here is to use a lot of relevant information, techniques of persuasion and evidence to arrest the attention of the reader after you take it.

Deepening this connection that you have with such a perspective of the persona. And from there develop a content that informs, educates and entertains the reader around one of the most pressing problems of your life. You will have created a perfect way to trigger an emotional reaction in your reader. Thereby increasing, your chances of getting your persona to take a specific action that you will introduce later in your content.

D = Desire – the Desire of A. I.D.The

Many marketers have great difficulty to differentiate Interest from Desire in the technique of marketing AIDA.

Think on the idea of job change, in case you case is an employee. Maybe you have heard about a career, or alternative work, and start to wonder about this possible change.

You read a few online articles, does research on open positions, and even talk with some people experienced in this new area of interest.

To the extent that you collect more information, he begins to realize that this new professional area is perfect for you. The pay is great, the work hours are good and the work is interesting.

What Is Aida Definition, Concepts, How to Use, and Practical Examples 2

At some point, there is a change in your mind and you begin to imagine this new work.

It leaves you thinking that a career change is interesting for wanting to change career.

The concept of desire in the AIDA is about that moment of change, of intellectual curiosity to the decision “I want this for me”.

Let’s take a look at more business-oriented. Imagine that you are a professional B2B marketing that sells a solution or service on social media.And Its target audience are managers of social media for large companies.

From your market research, you discover that quantify the impact of social media programs in B2B and show how these impact sales is a big concern for these managers of social media for large companies.

There are tools on the market, but nothing perfect to do to solve this problem terrifying to these managers. With your new product, you can solve this problem with just a few clicks.

Starting from the beginning, we have to capture the interest of these genretes (target audience) by creating a headline that speaks directly and clearly with these managers.

Something like “Finally, a product for managers of social media which quantifies the value of each social interaction” is a good starting point.

Imagine the following scenario: A marketing manager (social media) is called for a meeting of the department to present the progressodo quarter.

It uses the standard metrics in your presentation: increase followers of Instagram, increases in interactions, brand mentions and lead generation.

The Core of it to the question: “So, as this campaign quarterly on Instagram generated on sales to us?”

The manager then begins to attempt to respond the question. “We know that 40 thousand people have shared our product on the products. We have gained almost 300 thousand followers this quarter. Our sales department confirms that they managed to 5,000 leads in the quarter, and if we take into account our average converssão… ”

The boss then the enterrompe and says: “Beauty… But I want to know the exact number of sales, not an estimate based on the rate of converssão of the sales team…”

This scenario above is the worst nightmare for any social media manager!

However with your new product, these managers can find out what the exact numbers of your campaigns. If you are able to communicate this effectively, these managers will have high indices of interest for your product.

Case studies, list of benefits, testimonials from customers, etc are very effective to prove your headline.

Finally, to take advantage of an emotion that every social media manager already has sense or are afraid to feel. As the situation presented above. You will make your audience start to feel the desire to have access to your product.

A = Action – the Action of the A. I. D.The

After you wake up the desire of his persona enough to make her think and act, it is time to close the deal. This is done through the use of a powerful CTA (call to action).

Calls to action in AIDA are simple statements that let readers know exactly what is the next step that you want them to take then. Things like: buy a product, subscribe to your email list, watching a video, or share your tweets, for example.

Everything that you write must have a CTA (Call to action). After all, you will create content for some specific reason. Then, tell the reader what is this reason!

Think also about the aspects of the design of your CTA’s: the layout, the structure of the buttons are clear enough for your audience to take action?

If you are not esplicitamente clear what action the reader should take, in the vast majority of the time, he(a) will not take action.

What Is Aida Definition, Concepts, How to Use, and Practical Examples 3

A final note about the stimulus to the action of AIDA: there are a whole other area-specific copywriting facing guarantees, PSs (Post Script) and the conclusions powerful.

The idea here is simple. Anticipate and eliminate objections that would prevent people from taking the action that you want them to take.

Sign up for your e-mail list, cause privacy concerns? Easy! Create a clear privacy policy and objective. The reader of this afraid to invest the money? Offer a money back guarantee.

The more you think about why people do not take action and offer clear solutions to those concerns and objections, the better positioned you will be to take full advantage of the conversion potential and its contents using the model AIDA.