What Is SEM: Search Engine Marketing – Complete Guide Up to Date

by | April 27, 2019
What Is SEM: Search Engine Marketing – Complete Guide Up to Date
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Tired of waiting for your SEO efforts to pay off? Perhaps it is time to consider the SEM acronym for search engine marketing.

It is extremely frustrating to invest so much time and money in the creation of your brand and your site, only to realize that you are not on the first page of google yet… or not in the first three pages.

Unfortunately, the optimization of search engine (SEO) takes time and effort. The good news is, search engine marketing (SEM) can help you skip some steps and a lot of time.

In this post, we will look closely at the SEM – Search Engine Marketing – how it is different from the SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and how to start using your favor.

Translation of Search Engine Marketing – Meaning WITHOUT

The translation of “Search Engine Marketing” is the Marketing of Search Engines.

WITHOUT the means to do marketing using the search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What is Search Engine Marketing – SEM?

The WITHOUT is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing, a field of knowledge that has as its goal to bring more visitors to your website through greater exposure in the motors search, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. A great advantage of SEM is the ability of targeting, since the user himself declares to the search engine that you are wanting to search for exactly what he wants.

How did the Search Engine Marketing?

At the beginning of the internet, a large number of sites have been created, and with this, websites specialized in finding the other site began to emerge… These websites to find sites were called directories, and still exist until today, but has not far not the same popularity as before.

However, it was well it was well time-consuming for the user to find what he was looking for exactly. So websites search started to become popular. Precisely because they showed the most relevant results to users – and more quickly than the “directories”.

One of these sites was Google! He started small and quickly became the market leader of internet searches.

Over the years Google became the giant that it is, and began to make an auction of keywords within your results page, called Sponsored Links. The famous Google ads.

What Is Sem Search Engine Marketing – Complete Guide Up to Date 1

SEO and SEM: What’s the Difference?

A simplistic answer would be: The marketing WITHOUT will position you in the spaces “Ad”, while SEO will help your website to “rankear” well organically. The two are not the same thing, but in the world of digital marketing they are add-ons wonderful!

Until relatively recently, the search engine optimization (SEO) used to fit the generic term “search engine marketing”, but both have become so complex that the SEM and the SEO now exist as two separate entities, but closely related.

The SEO is focused on improving your website to increase your rankings in the search engines organic. The SEO basically revolves around the placement of keywords strategically throughout the site, creation of links, the establishment of the authority of the site and use of metadata that is searchable by Google.

With the marketing SEM, on the other hand, you pay to appear in the first few pages Google (or other search engines). Essentially, you pay to display your ads to users who search actively the keywords that you are focusing on. You don’t need an authority to the high site to be able to appear on the first page of Google when you are willing to pay for it.

I Need Both SEM and SEO?

You necessarily need both of WITHOUT marketing as SEO marketing? Not. But you have had the best results if you implement the two? Absolutely – without a doubt – YES!

It is always a good idea to optimize your site for SEO. You must establish a solid base of SEO marketing that will get you the highest possible organically. After all, the clicks from SEO are basically free – for that you will not want to free visits? Of course you want to!

The use of marketing WITHOUT however, you can significantly accelerate your ability to build your brand and your customer base. NO, you’ll be in front of audiences that are actively looking for products, services and brands as their. You should appear at the top of the research or another person will be able to the sale.

Platforms WITHOUT Marketing

Most search engines have an ad platform for the WITHOUT. The platform is most well-known (and effective) to use is the Google AdWords. The Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads are also platforms good WITHOUT that you can use also.

It is important to note that although all of the platforms WITHOUT using an advertising model Pay-per-click (PPC) (pay per click), not all PPC is WITHOUT.

Facebook Ads and other ad platforms of social media, for example, are platforms of pay-per-click that do not fall in the category WITHOUT.Instead of displaying your ads to people searching for similar content, such as search ads, social media sites present your product to people who are browsing through the feeds of social media. These are two very different types of online advertising.

The Keywords or Keywords are still important to the WITHOUT?

Keywords are everything for WITHOUT marketing, as well as for SEO. When you run campaigns WITHOUT, choose keywords that determine which ads will appear in what research.

As a result, the in-depth research of keywords is the key to running a SEM campaign successful. You should run your campaigns for keywords (keywords) exact… or you will lose your audience to your competitors.

Let’s say, for example, that you manage a construction company that helps with home repair after fires and that you want to advertise this service.

The technical term for the service is “restoration of fire”, but the keyword research can indicate that customers in your area search for “repair of fire” or “to repair damage from fire”. If you don’t optimize these two key words, you will lose in a lot of traffic and potential customers, even though the “restoration of fire” is technically the term is correct.

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Which Keywords should I Choose For the Campaign, NO?

Choose the keywords correct can (and probably will) “make or break” their campaigns WITHOUT. You should focus on keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This will increase the likelihood your ad will be well ranked and decrease the cost-per-click (CPC).

Fortunately, you do not need to choose the keywords blindly and expect results to arrive before you find out which keywords have the proper volume and a CPC acceptable. There are many tools of keyword research which you can use to do keyword research for your campaigns.

In addition to providing information about the search volume and the competition level of the keywords, the majority of tools of keyword research will also provide detailed information about the CPC estimated average or current for certain keywords. This is particularly important for companies with budgets smaller ad, and this feature allows us to predict if certain keywords will be really beneficial to your ad campaigns or if you will cost very expensive.

The free tool the most complete on the market today is the Ubersuggest, Neil patel. It will show the volume of searches, the difficulty of rankear using SEO and the difficulty of rankear using the WITHOUT. Cofira the Ubersuggest!

How much Should be My Bid? – The Adwords auction, on the WITHOUT

Although it is important to choose the right keywords, if you want your ads to have a good classification and produce profitable results, it is necessary to have a bid strategy efficient.

All of the platforms WITHOUT work on a bid system, where advertisers are bidding for certain keywords and audiences. Whoever bids the highest bid, ranks the highest.

The good news is that you only need to pay enough to exceed the next highest bid. So, even if you offer a bid of 100 dollars per click, and the next competitor down will offer a bid of 2 dollars, you will have to pay 2 real and 1 penny to outperform their competitors.

However, the majority of companies that to play a game of balance between the higher rating and pay a lot for each click. After all, if it costs 15 dollars per click to rankear in position 1, but you can only pay 5 dollars per click, so offer 100 actual a keyword to ensure the position number 1 would be a great way to launch your company into bankruptcy!

Fortunately, even if you are not able to pay for the CPC position 1, most of the platforms WITHOUT consider the quality of your ads in the time to sort them, which can help you to overcome the concorrêntes, even if you can’t afford to give a higher CPC bid that they.

For example, Google assigns each ad a “quality score” (index of quality), and takes into account this quality score to calculate where your ad “rankeará”:

To calculate your quality score, the majority of platforms WITHOUT analyzes the relevance of your ad and your “landing page” (the page of the destination or capturing) with the keywords that you have selected. As you can only pay the cpc a minimum to rankear their campaigns WITHOUT optimizing your quality score can greatly help your campaigns in the long term. And mainly, help your pocket!

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Conclusion: Search Engine Marketing Can Be Very Profitable!

As the WITHOUT puts you directly in front of users who are actively looking for what you offer, it can be a great investment for your company.