What is Technology?

by | April 27, 2019
What is Technology?
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Technology can be conceptualized as a set of practical skills or technical knowledge, which may be of mechanical type or industrial-type, which give the human being the possibility of making modifications in the conditions of the natural order to which man’s life is more comfortable.

The so-called new technologies give the man the possibility, through the use of these tools and artificial, open and penetrate in a world without borders through the use of computers that bring embedded many services as it can be the network of networks known as the Internet. The Internet is the technological means by which the knowledge of the general and the interaction between people outnumber all the distances. Industrial machinery, computer, smart phones, vehicles are carriers of technology.

It is not so easy to establish the differences between the technique and the technology, we only know that it is easier to say that technology is a kind of knowing that is considered the most rational, while the technique is based on experience. With the passing of the years, the advancement of technology became a source of progress, almost without any control and unforeseen. It is said that the technology could compromise the future of the Earth, as it causes environmental contamination.

For the human being in general, the use of technology is not new. The technology has incorporated the tools of the most varied almost simultaneous with the appearance of the planet earth. The technologies that have emerged in the call revolution the industrial, really gave meaning there is a time before and a time after with regard to human labor. Changing the way craft work at the factory work where the production in series of products was performed by machines. The end of the TWENTIETH century the revolution in computing has caused a new revolution in the field of technology.

The technologies are classified as follows: High, medium and low. They are classified this way according to the cost, complexity, and capability of handling.
The technological advancement, with the creation of a small hardware called the microchip, technology has been very successful in the field of computer technology.

The technology, increasingly advanced, creates products so rapidly that we are obliged to constantly renew our models of devices (mobile phones, computers, mp3 devices), for which every day appear more sophisticated models and better management.